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The most common skin condition we come across in teenagers!!

    Acne is one amongst  the most common skin condition we come across in teenagers. While acne often clears up naturally by the time a person is in their twenties, it may continue  into adulthood. Irrespective of  your age, acne causes significant social and physical discomfort, scarring, and sometimes depression.

    Acne may be thanks to unhealthy lifestyle, pollution, hormonal changes, contributing factors including excess oil, clogging of pores,  bacteria etc . Other factors that may trigger acne include genetics, menstruation and emotional stress.

    Common acne prone area are face and body areas like neck, chest ,back, arms.acne can present as comedones, papules, pus filled lesions, nodules, cyst. Acne can cause scars and pigmentation.

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    Best Acne Scar Treatment in India  @FMS

    Acne Scar Treatment

    Acne treatment @FMS

    Comedones are small skin coloured acne , they usually develop on the forehead and chin. Balckheadsand whiteheads are the most common form of comedonalacne.Theyare caused due to the accumulation of oil [sedum] in the pores.

    Acne control requires a holistic approach. It includes certain modifications in life style and diet, suitable treatment plan as advised by your dermatologist and  also taking care that acne resolved shouldn’t leave behind an unsightly scar.

    A variety of acne treatment options are available.Although no overnight cures exist, a disciplined skin care routine can combat your acne problem. Because your body and skin are unique to you, creating a suitable treatment regimen which addresses your specific needs is important.

    Best Acne Treatment Doctor in Hyderabad @FMS

    • TOPICAL TREATMENTS — Common topical agents used include benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, retinoids, azelaic acid and salicylic acid. These may be used alone or in conjunction with other treatments.
    • ORAL ANTIBIOTICS — Oral antibiotics are commonly employed in managing moderate to severe acne. Oral antibiotics used include doxycycline, minocycline,lymecyclin, erythromycin and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole. An oral antibiotic may be used in combination with topical medication.
    • INTRALESIONAL CORTICOSTEROID INJECTIONS — An injection of cortisone can dramatically speed the healing of an acne cyst or nodule.
    • ISOTRETINOIN — This is the only medication approved to treat severe, resistant, nodular, cystic acne, the most severe form of acne. This treatment requires regular monitoring by your dermatologist as side effects have been reported with its use.
    • OTHER TREATMENTS — Various treatments shown to be useful in managing your acne include hormonal therapy, chemical peels, light based therapy and laser treatments. However, these methods are most effective when used in conjunction with a comprehensive treatment program.

    Acne Scar Procedure @FMS

    You need not have to stop wearing makeup. Probably you can switch to cosmetics which say non-comedogenic , if you have noticed breakouts post makeup.

    It depends on many factors, like your age, severity of acne, type of acne etc. There are several treatment options like topical creams, face wash, oral medications, ILS etc which will be decided by your dermatologist.

    Most often acne resolves by the end of puberty. Sometimes it may continue in adulthood which requires few investigations to rule out underlying cause.

    *Make sure you visit a doctor when:

    *Your acne causes you discomfort

    *Your acne is not responding to over-the-counter medications

    *You have severe acne which causes inflammation redness and swelling

    *Keep your scalp clean as dandruff can cause acne breakouts

    *wash your hands before you touch your face as bacteria can easily be transferred from your hands to your face

    *Avoid popping and picking pimples

    *Never go to bed with makeup on

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