Double chin, is a common condition often noticed as a layer of excess fat between the chin and neck. It gives a face fuller appearance, It is associated with weight gain, genetics or may be cause of loose skin due to aging.


Double chin/Submental Fat (SMF) is a growing aesthetic problem. It is a concern for young as well as old age and seen in both women and men. Fat or fullness under the chin is often difficult to reduce and is usually the last to loose even with healthy diet and regular exercises.

Double chin, is due to the obvious prominent appearance, can take a toll on the self-esteem sometimes. The patients demand in having this excess localised fat reduced either by non-invasive methods or invasive methods. Multiple options like lipolytic injections with deoxycholic acid (i.e., Kybella, Geolysis), Cryolipolysis, HIFU, Tight sculpting, Radiofrequency etc., are available.

The ideal candidate for these treatments, are the patients with a moderate to large amount of preplatysmal submental fat with small – moderate laxity of the surrounding skin.



Injection Lipolysis:
Geolysis / Kybella is a non-surgical FDA approved injectable deoxycholic acid (DCA), a naturally occurring substance in Gall bladder of the human body. It has ability to permanently destroy the membranes of fat cells and assists with the absorption of fat. It is effective in improving the appearance of the submental fat over a period of time. One can require anywhere between 3-6 treatment sessions. You must wait at least one month between treatments.
Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive, non-surgical method, done for selective destruction of the fat cells. It is a novel technology that uses controlled cold exposure to freeze the fat cells followed by gradual reduction of the subcutaneous fat layer using natural thermal diffusion, without damage to the other tissues. After thorough history and assessment, small and comfortable mini applicator is applied by your dermatologist, which targets pockets of fat below the chin. The treatment time varies from 30mins-45mins. 2 sessions are required after 3months. There is minimum pain during the procedure. The treatment is easy and comfortable, with almost no downtime. One can resume daily activities immediately post procedure.
Tight Sculpting:
Tight sculpting uses laser assisted lipolysis for the breakage of the fat cells and tightening of the skin. This latest technology uses different wavelengths of laser with burning of the fat and then there is tightening of the skin which is seen by the production of collagen. Stubborn fat areas like double chin – is also reduced by laser lipolysis. The treatment time varies from 45mins – 75mins. Multiple sessions are required to get a desired result. Mild redness is seen post procedure. No downtime is seen.
RF (Radio Frequency):
BTL EXILIS, is a non-invasive RF technology, which delivers deep radiofrequency energy which causes heating to deeper fat cells. It helps in burning of adipose tissue along with generation of the collagen which helps in body sculpting along with fat reduction. Multiple sessions are required in a gap of 7-10days. Minimum of 6-10 sessions are required, with no downtime. It is an appealing treatment for clients wishing to avoid surgery.
Similar to RF treatment, this HIFU treatment also helps to break down excess fat stores along with collagen production in the dermis leading to smoothing, contouring and wrinkle reduction. HIFU even tightens the superficial (under the skin) muscles of the face and neck which are the same muscles targeted during a surgical face lift. Single session is usually required. It is a completely painless procedure with no downtime at all.
Minimally Invasive Procedures:
Some slightly more invasive procedures, like liposuction can also be done to immediate reduction of the double chin. Surgical procedures are better always followed by non-invasive procedures like radiofrequency or HIFU for a better long lasting and permanent results.
Speak with your dermatologist to discuss whether Geolyisis, Cryolipolysis, RF, HIFU or surgical option is the right treatment to address your double chin. Improve your overall appearance and self-confidence with best treatment for submental fat at FMS Skin & Hair Clinics, Hyderabad.


Double chin is layer of fat present between the chin and neck. It occurs due to multiple reasons like obesity, loose skin due to aging, genetics etc.
With multiple FDA approved options, double chin can be reduced upto a greater extent. But regular exercise and healthy lifestyle, this can be permanent.
With the latest innovation and advanced technologies, it is completely painless procedure with no downtime.
Yes. Multiple non-invasive, non-surgical procedures are available for treatment reduction of double chin.
Depends on the treatment done, the cost varies from 5000 per session.
When treated by a board- certified dermatologist, double chin reduction treatments are completely safe and effective.