Best Freckles Removal Treatment in Hyderabad

It is seen in different shades of brown and usually is multiple in number

Freckles Removal Treatment at FMS Skin Clinic

Freckles are small dark spots seen most on sun-exposed areas like the face, neck, upper chest, hands, and forearms. It is seen in genetically pre-disposed individuals and with increased sun exposure. There is an increase in melanocytes resulting in increased melanin pigment due to sun exposure. Seen in all age groups of people. Most seen in fair-skin individuals. It is seen in different shades of brown and usually is multiple in number. Freckles are limited usually to the epidermis only. They do not fade or disappear.

Best Freckles Removal Treatment

Different types of Freckles are :

Ephelides – Small pigmented spots are seen during summer and which can fade during winter.

Lentigines – These are large pigmented spots which are more common in fair skinned people.

At FMS Skin and Hair Clinic, We provide the best freckles removal treatment procedures done by Team of expert Board Certified Dermatologists.

Freckles Removal Treatment Options

Laser Treatment:  

Most commonly done procedure for freckles removal. It is done with Q-switch and Nd:YAG laser. These lasers precisely target the pigmented area without  damaging the surrounding area, thus safely eliminating freckles.

Chemical peels:  Medium-depth chemical peels like TCA or Glycolic acid peel effectively remove freckles. These peels penetrate beyond  superficial layers of skin. Slowly freckle layers start to peel away, generating new skin free of pigmentation and discoloration

Cryosurgery: This treatment involves the usage of liquid nitrogen to freeze and lightens the pigmented spots.

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL):  IPL is a light-based therapy for treating freckles. IPL uses high-intensity polychromatic light of various wavelengths to target pigmented areas. The light is more efficiently absorbed by darker areas of skin, which breaks down the excess melanin that forms freckles. Thus the adjacent skin areas are not affected. 

Sun Protection: The best way to prevent freckles is to apply a good amount of sunscreen which helps in the protection of the skin on a daily basis. It is advised to continue even after the recommended procedures. 

Topical Depigmenting Creams: Topical Creams containing kojic acid, arbutin, azelaic acid, etc. can be used to lighten the dark pigmented spots. These creams help to fade freckles if used on a regular basis along with sun protection.


Freckles are flat, light-dark brown, with very small color marks/spots which are present on sun-exposed areas of the skin.


The different freckles removal treatment options include laser treatment, cryosurgery, chemical peels etc at procedures are done at a doctor’s clinic, whereas at home treatment would be the application of topical depigmenting creams.

The treatment is very satisfactory with the formation of scabs at the end of the week.

No. Freckles Removal Treatment is a completely safe and FDA-approved procedure when done by a specialist

A minimum of 1-2 sessions would be required for freckles treatment.

It is a permanent solution. But new freckles can occur in other areas, hence sun protection is highly recommended.