Tattoo Removal LASER Treatment-

“Tattoo that once seemed to be a good idea”

Best Tattoo Removal Laser Treatment

Tattoo Laser Removal Treatment

Do you have a tattoo that once seemed to be a good idea, but now want it to be removed? Find a right doctor for your wrong tattoo. Whether your tattoo is distorted, faded, interfering with your career opportunities, or simply no longer significant to you.

The Q-Switched Laser has become the gold standard treatment for tattoo removal, with the smallest chance of scarring compared to other methods like dermabrasion, skin grafting etc. Fotona’s Star walker laser works by creating high energy light pulses which is absorbed by all colored pigments of the tattoo ink, causing it to break down into tiny particles. These particles are then absorbed by the body immune system and naturally removed by the body’s lymphatic system.

Fotona Star walker MAQX delivers high energy in power of pico laser with Q-switched laser. Star walker’s energy, four colors and proprietary FracTAT procedure also makes star walker a leading tattoo removal laser system.

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Tribeam laser Q-switch Nd:YAG laser with dual pulse provides fast treatment. It uses a tribeam flat top beam profile laser to reduce side effects. The pigments are destroyed by development of photoacoustic wave.


Treatment can vary from person to person, as each tattoo is different. It relays upon the size, age and color of your tattoo. Blue, black and red tattoos typically respond well. After assessing your tattoo size, color, location and your skin tone, our dermatologist at FMS Skin & Hair Clinics will use FOTONA MAQX and TRI-beam lasers for treatment. The laser operates at a high peak power that enables effective penetration. It also has a short pulse duration that minimizes the risk of damage to surrounding tissue. Most tattoos require multiple treatment sessions to obtain complete tattoo removal or maximal fading.


In some cases, the tattoo will disappear completely, while in others it may fade significantly. The ability to completely remove a tattoo depends on several factors, like size, location, type of ink, depth of ink.


We use topical anesthesia during laser tattoo removal. Most patients find discomfort to be minimal with this approach.


The Tri-Beam Q-Switched Laser enables treatment with a least chance of scarring. Redness, white discoloration can occur, but are temporary. After laser treatment, you will be asked to apply an antibiotic cream and sunscreen over the affected area for a few days.