Dark Lips Treatment in Hyderabad

Causes are due to sun exposure (most common), smoking…

Dark Lips Treatment in Hyderabad

Increased melanin in the lips causes hyperpigmentation of the lips. Causes are due to sun exposure (most common), smoking, genetics, increased dryness of lips, vitamin B12 deficiency, habitual licking of the lips, cosmetic products (lipstick, lip balm), etc all can cause increased melanin over a period of time.

Photoaging of lips is seen as increased dryness, hyperpigmentation, decrease volume of the lips, wrinkles seen at the borders of the lips and loss in luminosity


Available Treatments For Dark and Pigmented Lips at FMS Skin & Hair Clinic

DARK LIPS TREATMENT—Lip lightening treatment is done for dark and pigmented lips. It is done under professional guidance to achieve uniform pigmentation of lips. 


Chemical Peels— Chemical Peels exfoliate the upper dead layer of the lip resulting in an even lighter tone of the lips. Here at FMS Skin Clinic, we use a combination of peels which helps in lightening.


Laser Toning— Laser Toning with non-ablative Q-switch laser targets the melanin pigment in the lip. It removes the uppermost dead cells and also stimulates new cells formation.


Lip Micropigmentation— Also called as Lip Tattooing.  It gives instant results. There is a deposition of the pigment using a needle under the upper layers of the skin. The color stays for 1-2years. 


Signature Treatment— We have a signature treatment that gives the best results in lesser duration.

Topical depigmenting creams can be used as post-procedure to achieve desired results in a lesser time


The most common reason for dark lips is due to sun exposure, followed by genetics, smoking, dryness of lips causing lip licking, vitamin B12 deficiency, regular and continuous use of cosmetic products, etc are a few causes.

Lip Lightening Treatment is done with topical and in-clinic procedures like chemical peels, Lip Micropigmentation etc.

Lip tint is a semi-permanent process in which there is the application of an orangish or pink shade on the lips which lasts for 6-12 months giving a neutral and natural look.

At FMS Skin and Hair Clinics, we offer signature lip peel treatment.

Treatment varies from Rs.3000 per session to Rs.5000 per session depending on the type of session.

A minimum of 4-6 sessions is required for treating dark and pigmented lips and a single session is required for a lip tint.