Best Acne Treatments & Tips Suggested By Dermatologist

Best Acne Treatment in Hyderabad

Acne, commonly called as pimples, can be very distressing posing cosmetic and psychological concerns. Acne can be caused due to multiple reasons like oily skin, hormonal imbalance, medications, steroids, menstruation, dandruff, dietary imbalances, PCOD, smoking etc.  Acne is seen on the cheeks, chin, forehead, nose, chest, shoulders, back, etc. The best treatment for acne is a complete approach with proper diagnosis, investigations, treatment, and prevention. Customized treatment is advised depending on the cause, skin texture, and stage of acne. 

Acne occurs due to blockage of the sebaceous gland. It starts as small comedones like whiteheads and blackheads, which when get inflamed become papules. These papules can be red or skin-colored. The next stage is the formation of a pustule. Large papules can lead to the formation of cysts. Based on the severity of acne – it is graded as mild, moderate, or severe acne 

There are various acne treatments available, which include topical medications and dermatological treatment procedures. A Dermatologist can recommend topical treatment, Certain cosmetic skin treatments, or a combination of topical medications and acne treatment procedures depending upon the acne type and severity of acne.

Here are some best acne treatments a dermatologist can suggest.

Topical treatment— Salicylic acid, BPO, Adapalene, dapsone etc are used as daily treatment. These are basically prescribed to control the surface bacteria which causes acne. 

Antibiotics— These are suggested in combination with topical medication. Antibiotics like azithromycin, doxycycline etc are used in pulse or mini pulse therapy for control of acne flare ups.

Retinoids— are used to increase the cell-turn over and increase the skin renewal rate. 

Dermatological Procedures for Acne Treatment

Chemical peels – Depending on the severity and skin tone, the chemical peel can be salicylic acid peel, black peel, glycolic acid peel, Mandela peel, yellow peel, etc., Chemical Peels help in removing damaged skin cells and stimulate the growth of new skin and keep pores from clogging. These are good ways to maintain and rejuvenate the skin.

IPL – Laser light therapy provides red light which helps in the destruction of bacteria, prevents acne bacteria from multiplying, reduces inflammation, and helps in skin rejuvenation.

Carbon Peel LaserCarbon peel Laser treatment involves the application of carbon to the skin which helps in decreasing sebum production along with skin rejuvenation.

Medi Facials: Medi facials help in reducing acne along with cleansing the skin on a regular basis Fractional laser – helps in clearing acne PIH and skin rejuvenation

Best Acne Treatment Procedures

Some Acne Skin Care Tips Suggested by Expert Dermatologists

  • Acne skin care is different from a regular skincare routine where there is a combination of treatments advised. Here are a few tips from expert dermatologists, to prevent acne in acne-prone skin
  • Keep skin clean. Usage of cleanser which is non-irritating, non-allergenic, oil control, pH balanced cleanser. Twice cleansing of the face is necessary.
  • Choose the right skincare routine comprising of acne treatment medication, moisturizer, and sunscreen.
  • Avoid toners, astringents, and physical exfoliants which make the skin more dry and can increase acne. 
  • Application of Moisturizer that is non-greasy, lightweight, Gel-based and Non-comedogenic. They help in restoring the skin barrier function along with counteracting the effects of acne treatments. Moisturizers help in balancing the skin’s oil production.
  • Applying sunscreen on a daily basis, which is oil-free and non-comedogenic products with a minimum SPF 30.
  • Usage of Acne Treatment medications like adapalene, Benzyl peroxide (BPO), dapsone, azelaic acid etc in the night to target acne.
  • Usage of topical sebum-controlling substances like niacinamide, zinc PCA etc in the mornings which help in reducing sebum excretion. Other supportive treatments may include tea tree oil etc. which act by killing the P. Acne bacteria.
  • Shampoo and Dandruff control – one of the main reason for acne development is especially on the forehead. Washing hair at least once in 2 days is advised to control acne.
  • Apply makeup that labels non-comedogenic or won’t clog pores. And make sure to remove makeup before going to bed (DOUBLE CLEANSING OF FACE).
  • Avoid touching of face, especially picking, popping, or squeezing of acne which can lead to pigmentation marks or scar formation.
  • Dietary control includes dairy, sugars, and chocolates in few people

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