Laser Toning

skin stimulating the production of Collagen promoting skin Regeneration , decreases skin pigmentation without damaging!!

    Benefits of laser toning

    We all want to keep our skin looking best at all the time. At FMS Skin & Hair We can help you achieve smoother skin , healthier looking complexion with a series of laser toning treatments.

    Laser toning is a unique treatment for treating Hyperpigmentation , Melasma , Pigmentation , Skin tone , Tattoo removal , Acne scars , Wrinkles and other skin concerns , also helps in skin rejuvenation and skin texture . This is a non-invasive procedure with little no down-time.

    Laser Toning Treatment Clinic In Hyderabad @FMS

    How dose laser toning work ?

    Low energy laser from the Q-Switch laser penetrates deep in to the dermal layer of the skin stimulating the production of Collagen promoting skin Regeneration , decreases skin pigmentation without damaging the outer layer of the skin and correcting pigment irregularities. This low energy laser also helps in treating scarring , wrinkles and fine lines.

    What is Q-switch laser ?

    TRI-BEAM premium is a Q-switch ND-YAG laser produces short nanosecond laser pluses. There pulses are derived in Photoacoustic Technology plus (PTP) that can gently heat the dermal layers to stimulate collage and repair skin with no down-time.

    What skin conditions can be treated with laser toning ?

    With laser toning conditions like Hyperpigmentation , Uneven skin colour , Uneven skin texture and tone , Large pores , Acne scarring , Stretch marks , Brown spots , Sagging skin , Birthmarks , Age spots , Freckles , Unwanted tattoo , Blemishes and Spider vines can be treated.

    Is laser toning suitable for all skin types ?

    Laser toning is suitable for all skin types.

    What are the benefits of laser toning ?

    Laser toning has long lasting results for most of the skin types . This procedure is noninvasive with no-downtime and minimal discomfort . The hair on the face also undergoes bleaching effect and falls off further providing a brightening effect to the skin.

    What to expect during treatment ?

    It is a safe , effective painless procedure though you may feel sensation of heat and hear a slight popping sound when the laser is passed over the skin.

    How many treatment sessions are required ?

    One typically requires 4-6 sessions of laser toning treatment sessions but required number of sessions can vary from one individual to another . For many the results are seen after 2nd or 3rd treatment session of about one to four weeks apart.

    What is recovery time ?

    Laser toning is a non-ablative treatment thereby causing no damage to the skin . As there is not going to be any bruising or swelling after the treatment an individual can go back to their normal lifestyle immediately after the procedure.

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