LASER TONING treatment for skin whitening

It is done using Q-switched laser (1064nm), non-ablative laser.

Laser toning treatment is safe and effective in treating melasma, uneven skin tone, dark spots, sun-spots, age spots, increased pigmentation and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It is done using Q-switched laser (1064nm), non-ablative laser. It is also called as low-fluence, multi-pass technique.

Non-invasive technique which uses the principle of selective thermolysis to destroy the pigmented cells without causing damage to surrounding skin cells. Usage of large spot size and long wavelength, will increase the depth of penetration of the laser. It gives an instant rejuvenation and brighter look.
Laser toning when combined with topical treatment like hydroquinone, triple combination,vitamin C, azelaic acid or chemical peels like glycolic acid, jessner’s solution showed better results in a shorter duration.


It is a type of pulse laser which delivers in very short duration intensed light emission. Due to this technique and selective photothermolysis, it targets only the pigmented areas without damaging the surrounding areas.
Laser toning works on the principle of Q-switch mode and selective photothermolysis. It targets pigmented lesions like lentigines, freckles, melasma, uneven skin tone, dark lips, hyperpigmentation etc.
Yes. Laser toning is suitable for all skin types including darker (Fitzpatrick V and VI skin types) without causing any side effects or any residual hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation.
We at FMS, use state of art equipment’s like FOTONA MAQX and TRIBEAM laser by jeisys
It works for all types of skin color. It gives instant result with no downtime. It is painless procedure. Doesn’t damage surrounding skin. Decreases dullness.
There may be slight pricking or burning sensation during the procedure, redding, whitening of the facial hair, hypopigmentation etc. There is no swelling or redness after the procedure with zero-no downtime.
Minimum of 4-6 sessions are required around 7-14days apart.
Also called as carbon peel laser. It is a process in which an even coat of carbon liquid is applied on the face followed by laser stimulation. It helps in the carbon particles to penetrate into the skin to give a glowing skin.