which are common causes of acne. Certain stages of life can increase the amount of sebum or oil, your pores produce!!

    Whitehead is a type of acne that is developed when dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria become trapped within your pores.


    The pores on your skin can become blocked for several reasons, leading to the formation of whiteheads. One cause for blocked pores is hormonal changes, which are common causes of acne. Certain stages of life can increase the amount of sebum or oil, your pores produce. This increased oil production causes clogged pores and whiteheads. These stages include:

    • puberty
    • menstruation
    • pregnancy

    Certain contraceptives that contain only progesterone may also increase hormone levels and cause acne flares in women. Genetics also play a role in the development of different types of acne, including whiteheads. If someone in your family suffers from acne, you have a higher risk of developing it too.

    Acne can occur in men and women, and at almost any age. Even if you never had problems with whiteheads as a teen, you can still develop them at some point during adulthood.

    Whitehead Pimple Removal Clinic In Hyderabad @FMS

    WHITEHEADS Removal Clinic In Hyderabad @FMS

    Where do whiteheads appear?

    Whitehead can develop anywhere on your body. The nose, chin, and forehead are collectively known as the T-zone. The particularly oily parts of your face, such as the T-zone, may be particularly prone to acne. You may also develop whiteheads on:

    • your chest
    • back
    • shoulders
    • arms
    • Whiteheads can also appear in areas where you get a lot of friction, like on the chin from a chin-strap on athletic gear.

    How to treat whiteheads

    It can be prevented with a combination of lifestyle changes and medical treatments.

    Whiteheads are considered a mild form of acne. They’re relatively easy to treat. A topical retinoid is the first-line treatment for whiteheads. Retinoids work by several mechanisms, but, ultimately, they prevent the pore-clogging process. You should wear sunscreen daily, since your skin will be more sensitive to the sun as a result of using a topical retinoid. If you have inflammatory acne (red bumps and pustules on your face) your doctor might also prescribe oral or topical antibiotics, which destroy excess skin bacteria and reduce inflammation and redness.

    Preventing whiteheads and acne

    Oral and topical medications are both effective treatments for whiteheads, but they’re not the only options. If you wear makeup, consider using cosmetic brands that are noncomodogenic and oil-free. They don’t clog pores thereby reducing the likelihood of acne, such as whiteheads.

    You should also use oil free lotions and moisturizers to limit the amount of oil added to your skin. Wash your hair and skin on a regular basis. And don’t forget to remove makeup before going to bed. Use a mild cleanser to wash your face once a day using warm water. Make sure to pat your skin dry instead of scrubbing. Do not exfoliate your skin with any scrubbing products, as this will likely worsen your acne.

    Talk to your doctor

    Acne and whiteheads can be frustrating and uncomfortable. However, help is available, so consult your dermatologist.

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