Keloid Excision Treatment

A keloid is an abnormal proliferation of scar tissue at the site of injury like trauma, surgery, etc…

Keloid Excision Treatment

Keloids affect people of different races with substantial aesthetic consequences. A keloid is an abnormal proliferation of scar tissue at the site of injury like trauma, surgery, etc. It grows beyond the original margin of the scar and does not regress.

Among the numerous therapeutic options, combining surgical interventions with radiation, pressure therapy, cryotherapy, silicone-gel sheeting, laser treatment, and intralesional corticosteroids have been highly advocated.


Keloid Excision Treatment Procedure at FMS Skin & Hair

In the case of large keloids, surgical debulking may be recommended. Keloid excision surgery requires meticulous surgical skills to achieve the desired results. The goal is to remove the bulk of the scar tissue and reduce the chance of recurrence. Various types of adjuvant therapies, including intralesional corticosteroid injection, and pressure therapy are advocated to lower recurrence following excision. 


A keloid is diagnosed just by examination most of the time. If there are other differentials like fungal infection mimicking keloid, a biopsy is done.

Keloid treatment depends on the site, size, number, etc. it includes intralesional injections, cryotherapy, intralesional radiofrequency, radiotherapy, surgical excision, etc.


Keloids can be removed if extensive, and post-surgical treatments are often utilized to minimize the recurrence of keloids.

No, keloid removal is usually performed under local anesthetic to make the area numb.

Chances of recurrence are present.  To reduce the risk of recurrence, dermatologists often treat patients with intralesional injections.


Silicone sheets, pressure garments, magnetic studs, etc. help in reducing the chances of recurrence. Ear piercing can trigger keloid. Pay close attention to your ears after getting a new piercing. If you have (or had) a keloid, tell your surgeon before the surgery