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Permanent Laser Hair Reduction

Unwanted , unsightly facial and body hair are somethings which bothers almost everyone.Traditional methods of hair removal like threading, plucking, shaving and waxing may cause bumps, nicks, cutsand  that they don’t provide permanent solution. Laser hair removal helps you in getting smooth and silky skin freed from unwanted hair permanently.

Laser energy is delivered to the target i.e, pigment melanin within the hair follicle, to destroy the hair. Lasers produce significant delay in hair regrowth after treatment, which might last from weeks to months. After laser treatment, the thick terminal hairs are replaced by fine hairs. Results improve when treatment is repeated.

Permanent Hair Reduction / Removal  @FMS

LASER HAIR Removal Treatment

Permanent Laser Hair Removal treatment in Hyderabad India

We at FMS Best Skin & Hair Clinic near you give you one among the foremost advanced ,comfortable, virtually  pain free , safe and effective way of permanently reducing unwanted hair by lasers.With our USFDA approved laser device, we are quick in treating larger areas such as back, shoulders, arms, legs and face, in all skin types.FMS is the only centre within the region having most advanced and fastest triple wavelength laser hair removal technology which targets all type of hair on different skin types.

We provide treatment packages that are custom made per patient needs. And each patient is evaluated before every session and appropriate laser parameters are prescribed by the treating doctor. FMS Skin & Hair provides you with right equipment, good physician skills and appropriate treatment regimens that suits your skin and hair.

It is a kind of permanent hair removal. It uses laser light to damage your hair follicles, hence damaged follicles cannot produce hair.

Any individual, men or women, with normal or hormonal imbalance who has unwanted hair growth can undergo this procedure. Some blood tests and ultrasound scan are adviced in patients suspected with hormonal abnormality.

Full face including ears, and all body partsie shoulders, chest, back, tummy, arms, legs , bikini area in all skin types.

Hairs are going to be trimmed or shaved before the procedure. Laser parameters are set by the treating doctor and procedure will be carried out once in 3-6 weeks till hair becomes sparse and fine.

The results depends on the color and thickness of hair, area treated, color of your skin and type of laser used. You may expect a 10% to 25% reduction in hair after the first treatment. Most patients need between 3 to 6 treatments.

One can expect hair to become fine, sparse, slow growing and cosmetically acceptable.

Do I need to abstain from daily activity while on laser hair removal treatment?

Immediately after having laser hair removal, there may be mild redness and swelling. Despite this, most of the people return to their everyday activities on same day.Laser hair removal generally does not require any downtime.

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