Open Pores

Each pore has a hair follicle and a sebaceous (oil) glands that produces sebum!!

Pores can be cosmetic issue as open pores make skin look rough and inflamed.

Pores are tiny pits that appear on the skin like an orange peel. They are not visible to the eye. Due to their appearance like hole or depression on the skin large pores are visible referred as OPEN PORES.

Each pore has a hair follicle and a sebaceous (oil) glands that produces sebum. Sebaceous gland releases oil , oil raises to the top of the skin and gets collected in the pores. People with oily skin or combination skin or more prone to this problem. It gives your skin dull look if they are clogged with dirt , bacteria , oil or dead skin cells . These impurities gets oxidized when exposed to oxygen leading to form blackhead , whitehead and acne.

Open pores can get enlarged due to aging , skin related issues and inflammatory acne hormones , sun exposure and stress also play a role.

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it’s very imported to take preventive measures such as use of a gentle and non-comedogenic cleanser to prevent clogging , use of sun protection creams and use of moisturizer to boost collagen to reduce occurrence of open pore.

Tropical methods

Creams or serums such as nicotinamide , vitamin C or AHAs . Oral medications such as antiandrogens and oral retinoids .