Intralesional Cryotherapy Treatment at FMS Skin Clinic

Is a novel treatment technique for keloid scars, in which the scar is frozen…

Intralesional Cryotherapy Treatment

Intralesional Cryotherapy To Treat Keloid Scars

Intralesional cryotherapy is a novel treatment technique for keloid scars, in which the scar is frozen from the inside. Intralesional Cryosurgery has been shown to bring about significant improvement in keloids in terms of volume reduction, pain, and itching.

It is a method of applying cryogen i.e, cold substances like liquid nitrogen to the core of large and deep lesions, thus avoiding the surface complications like pigmentary changes, scarring etc. It is a safe and effective treatment for keloids.

It is an extremely valuable alternative to more invasive surgical options and is cost-effective, and gives good aesthetic results.

How is the Intralesional Cryotherapy Procedure done?

The procedure is done under local anesthesia. A needle is introduced into the skin from one point that runs through the deeper tissues of the lesion. A cryogen is then passed through the needle which forms an ice cylinder around the embedded part of the needle, hence freezing the scar. Once the scar softens, corticosteroids are injected for its depot action.

How long one should take for Intralesional Cryotherapy Treatment?

It is done in an interval of 3–6 weeks between two consecutive treatments. The number of sessions depends on the disease, site of lesions, response to previous injections, age of the patient, and other comorbid conditions.

What are the side effects of Intralesional Corticosteroid?

Atrophy of the skin, pain at the injection site, hyper or hypopigmentation, and secondary infection could be possible side effects of intralesional corticosteroid injections.