Earlobe Repair Treatment in Hyderabad, India

Earlobe tear or large earlobe hole are the complications of wearing heavy earrings…

Earlobe Repair Treatment in Hyderabad

Earlobe Repair Procedure at FMS Skin and Hair Clinic

Ear piercing has been practiced across the globe to adorn the ear with earrings and ornaments.  And Earlobe tear or large earlobe hole are the complications of wearing heavy earrings or due to sudden or prolonged pull.

What is Ear Lobe Repair Surgery?

  • Earlobe repair is a daycare procedure. It takes around 30-60 minutes for the entire procedure.
  • It is a quick, easy and painless way to restore the earlobe.
  • You can get an ear piercing again.

Benefits of the Ear Lobe Repair Surgery

To provide a good, cosmetically acceptable, stronger scar with less possibility of recurrence.

The procedure involves skin marking to illustrate the final scar line followed by cleaning and infiltration with a local anesthetic so that you don’t feel any pain during the procedure. The skin on the inside edge of the enlarged ear hole or split ear hole is carefully removed, preserving the natural contour of the ear. Then the front and back of the earlobe is approximated with fine sutures and a small dressing is placed.



Usually, stitches are removed on 7th day of the surgery.

Wearing earrings to be avoided for 3 months following the repair for the complete healing and to prevent recurrences after re-piercing. Use proper re-piercing technique. Studs are preferred over danglers. Heavy earrings are to be avoided.

Earlobe re-piercing can be done only after 3 months.