Skin Lightening


Also called as skin bleaching.

Dark and dull looking skin occurs due to accumulation of melanin in skin. Skin Lightening Treatment helps in treating dark skin, melasma, uneven skin tone, dark spots, sun damage skin, post inflammatory conditions, etc which is caused by external factors and internal factors. Skin lightening treatment helps in making skin look brighter and regaining lost glow. Dermatologist examines your skin and advice procedures like lasers, peels, glutathione etc, based on skin type and skin tone. It is done on face, lips, neck, underarms, hands, thighs etc.

Skin Lightening is done by:

Peels: also called as chemexfoliation. It is application of chemical agent to the skin, which causes controlled destruction of a part of epidermis. Following there is regeneration of new epidermis with improvement of texture and surface abnormalities. Most commonly AHA agents like lactic acid, mandelic acid etc or combination of these are used. Depending on the strength and concentration, it might require few to multiple sessions.
Lasers: Q-switched lasers helps in photo rejuvenation and helps in treatment of pigmented lesions, skin rejuvenation, large pores, skin peeling etc. Some of the best Q-switched lasers we use at FMS are MAQx from fotona and Tribeam.

StarWalker® MaQX

TRI-BEAM Premium™


Injectables :very popularly known as “SKIN LIGHTENING” agent.

Medi-Facials like HydraFacial and Dermaclear are used for cleaning, exfoliation and hydration of the skin. These give instant, glowing and rejuvenated skin.


Skin lightening treatment is used to remove excess pigmentation. They fade out the blemishes and evens out skin tone to get a flawless looking skin. It can be done on the face (forehead, cheeks, nose, lips), neck, underarms, legs etc.

Minimum of 4-6 sessions are required with a gap of 2-3 weeks to get better results. Duration of the session will depending on the procedure. Maintenance sessions are required to maintain to the effect

They are absolutely safe and there in minimum to no pain.

There might be mild redness to swelling depending on the procedure done which lasts for few hours.

Modern Skin Lightening treatment procedures normally gives a long term improvement in skin colour, when followed with maintanence sessions. Normally they cannot be permanent.

The action of most of the skin lightening creams is to inhibit the tyrosinase enzyme which plays key role in melanin synthesis. The effect of the skin lightening creams takes usually 6-10months. Faster result can be seen when it is combined with procedures like peels or lasers.

Yes, depending on the procedure there is downtime. For chemical peels, there is minimum downtime of 5-10 days depending on the peel used. For lasers, there is minimum downtime of 1-3days.

Cost of skin lightening treatment in Hyderabad, India ranges from ₹2,500-₹10,000 for peels, ₹4,000-₹40,000 for laser treatment and ₹6,000-₹35,000 for skin lightening injections.
People above 18years with realistic expectation who can follow pre and post procedural advise are the eligible candidates. Pregnant, lactating women, people with body dysmorphic disorder, severely ill patients, scarring tendency etc are the people who are not eligible
Post procedure, the dermatologist will advise Sun protection (SPF 30 and above), skin lightening creams and avoidance of salon services/home remedies for next 1-2 weeks.
The skin cells turnover is around 50-70days, so the results done with the skin whitening treatment are not permanent. They should be followed up with maintenance sessions to continue with the glow.
Yes, the laser skin Lightening is totally safe because it targets only the pigmented(melanin) areas with sparing of the surrounding areas.