under eye bags

Other causes might me lack of sleep, stress, smoking, chronic medical conditions !!

    What are under eye bags?

    Under eye bags are also called periorbital puffiness which swelling around the tissues of the eyes where it is caused by fluid buildup around the eyes with gradual increase of age there is fat deposited layer or fat pad layer under the eyes.

    What causes under eye bags?

    Ageing is one of the cause factors for undereye bags.
    Other related issues like Lower in collagen levels make underlying muscles to lose the elasticity which become saggy more evident.
    Other causes might me lack of sleep, stress, smoking, chronic medical conditions.


    Cosmetic surgery is done for eyelid which is called blepharoplasty by smoothing out the tight surface of skin under lower eyelids by marking the lower eyelid where the fat paddy area is located removing them by making incisions where the excess fat accumulated under the eyelid or eyebrow

    • Another procedure using CO2 laser used to improve the skin by smoothing out skin surface by reducing wrinkles under eyelids
    • Rf is used to reduce contour the bulgy area around the eye lid or eyebrow

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