Aging Skin & Essential Care

As age increases, there is decrease in elastin (elasticity).

Beautiful & younger looking skin is well hydrated, devoid of fine skin lines, wrinkles and sagging. As age increases, there is decrease in elastin (elasticity), GAG (water content) and collagen (firmness).  There are 2major factors which influence aging – Intrinsic factors (genes) and extrinsic factors [environmental factors like UV radiation (90%), Smoking, Lifestyle and poor nutrition]. Extrinsic aging is also called as Photoaging. All these factors cause increase in the availability of free radicals which further damage the skin.

The 5 pillars of the aging are—

Fine lines and wrinkles:
Fine lines develop when the skin is unable to regain its original shape after becoming folded. It occurs due to dynamic motion of muscles. Fine lines are more superficial whereas wrinkles/furrows are deeper. They are best prevented by sun protection. Treatment is done by botulinum toxin (BTX).

Loss of volume:
Decrease in the facial volume which can be due to underlying bone, muscles and fat. Cheeks droop downwards causing hollowness under eyes, lips become thinner and sagging skin. Treatment is done with fillers like Hyaluronic Acid.

Color of the skin:
The number of melanocytes increase in size, blood vessels becoming thinner with skin becoming thinner, paler and translucent. Dark spots, redness (rosacea), sun spots, melasma etc. become more prominent because of uneven skin tone. Treatment is done by topical depigmenting creams especially with retinoids and Arnica. The Best and latest treatment is with lasers.

Elastin and collagen help in regaining original shape when stretched. Elastosis is loss of elastin and collagen is genetic, sun damage and other causes like facial movement, sleep etc. It causes the skin to hang loosely. Usage of tightening treatments with RF helps in inducing and increasing collagen.

Bone structure:
As we age, bone structure changes because of the atrophy, expansion and loss. It is prominent around the nose, mouth and chin giving sunken eyeballs, sunken mandible and drooping of nose tip.

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Avoidance of extrinsic/physical factors, using of sunscreen on daily basis (SPF 30), antioxidants tablets, moisturizer to maintain hydration, retinoids to prevent signs of aging.

Physical factors like UV radiation (90%), smoking, lifestyle, poor nutrition etc., make you skin age early. It starts at around early 30s. Appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots, grey hair, loss of volume on face are few early signs of aging.

No. The process of aging can be slowed down by taking proper skin care and treatments from dermatologist, but the aging cannot be reversed.

Age spots also called as sun spots or liver spots. They occur on exposure to UV radiation which increases the melanin production causing hyperpigmentation spots. They occurs on sun exposed areas like face, hands or arms.

Yes. Stress or physical factors increase the amount of free radicals, which further cause the signs of aging.

Proper skin care treatment from the age of 30s to delay the signs of aging. Cleansing of face twice daily, followed by moisturizer, retinoid in the night and sunscreen in the morning.