Intralesional Radiofrequency Treatment

Is a simple and safe office procedure. In this therapy…

Intralesional Radiofrequency Treatment

Intralesional Radiofrequency Treatment For Treating Keloids and Scars at FMS Skin Clinic

Intralesional RadioFrequency therapy is a simple and safe office procedure. In this therapy, one targets the deeper dermis, thus minimizing the scarring of the epidermal tissue, and injects a higher concentration of a drug directly into skin lesions without significant systemic absorption. 

The advantages of intralesional therapy are its faster and longer duration of action, penetration deeper than topical therapy, and can be combined with other modalities of treatment for combined action.


At FMS Skin & Hair Clinic In Hyderabad, one has the benefit of the availability of Intralesional Therapy from the hands of qualified and well-trained Dermatologists.


Intralesional RF treatment is used for keloids, hypertrophic scars like papular scars, etc.

The procedure is done under local anesthesia. It involves using an intravenous cannula inserted into the core of the lesion and passing a RF current. Thus destroying the core without causing harm to the superficial skin. This is followed by injection of corticosteroids like Triamcinolone Acetonide into the core and pressure dressing.

It is done in an interval of 3–6 weeks between two consecutive treatments. The number of sessions depends on the disease, site of lesions, response to previous injections, age of the patient, and other comorbid conditions.

Atrophy of the skin, pain at the injection site, hyper-or hypopigmentation, and secondary infection could be possible side effects of intralesional corticosteroid injections.