Chemical Cautery-

TCA is a peeling agent for skin resurfacing. Precise and focused application !!

chemical cautery in dermatology

Atrophic scars are a common complication of pimples, chickenpox. Recently, the application of trichloroaceticacid(TCA)  has been advocated for the management of these scars.TCA is a peeling agent for skin resurfacing. Precise and focused application of higher strengths of TCA on atrophic scars is called as Chemical Reconstruction of Skin Scars (CROSS). It results in  rapid healing and lower complication rates, due to sparing of adjacent normal tissue and adnexal structures.

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What is TCA CROSS?

In this technique,  TCA at a higher concentration is applied with a toothpick on the scar and pressed against the floor of the scar for one full minute. This produces necrosis of the floor, which heals with new collagen synthesis and results in elevation of the floor.

How long does TCA CROSS take to heal?

It differs from patient to patient. It varies between 3-7 days.

At FMS Best SKIN & HAIR Clinic in Hyderabad, we do CROSS therapy using high strength TCA which is an efficient, easy and cheap treatment, with few if any adverse effects. 

No, its not painful. It only stings a bit when you apply a chemical.

It is used to treat atrophic scars of acne , varicella, freckles, lentigens, molluscum contagiosum,
xanthelasma etc.

Usually 3-6 treatment sessions are required for optimum improvement at an interval of 2- 8