Permanent laser hair
removal cost Price

The price of permanent laser hair removal depends on the area to be treated, number of sessions, condition of the skin and the hair growth. The cost will also depend on the type of lasers and type of equipment used for the safety.

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How is the Permanent laser hair removal cost price decided?

Numerous factors determine the cost of laser hair removal treatment for an individual. Let us understand them better:

  • Area involved– Larger areas require longer time and many sessions to get a smooth skin. The cost price is more for larger areas such as full legs, full back, full back etc. when compared to small areas like lower lip, chin etc.
  • Number Of Sessions–For most of the people, there is reduction of >90% hair in 6-8 sessions. It varies from person to person. Maintanence sessions may be required for few persons depending on there hair growth.
  • Hair Type –Coarse/Darker/Terminal hair take more number of sessions. Vellus/fine hair require lesser sessions. Cost of the treatment also depends on the texture, length and thickness of hair.
  • Type Of Laser Equipment –The dermatologist decides the laser based on the hair types, skin condition, length etc. At FMS, we use SP Dynamis for Nd YAG, ALMA TITANIUM for triple wavelength and Diode.

**Permanent laser hair removal cost price varies from person to person

UPPER LIP 2,000 3,000
LOWER LIP 2,000 3,000
BEARD LINE 5,000 7,500
7,500 9,000
4,500 5,500
FULL FACE 10,000 15,000
UNDER ARMS 5,000 8,000
FULL HANDS 10,000 12,000
HALF LEGS 8,000 12,000
FULL LEGS 15,000 20,000
CHEST 5,000 10,000
ABDOMEN 7,500 12,000
BACK 10,000 15,000
FULL BODY (8 PARTS) 20,000 35,000
** package and discount varies depending on the monthly offers

What are the Different Types Of Laser Hair Removal Machines?

laser hair removal treatment cost price

SP DYNAMIS is a long pulsed 1064 nm laser, suited on all types of skin in particular tanned or darkly pigmented skin.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment -Alma Soprono

Alma Soprano titanium is safest and efficient way of hair removal. It targets different levels of hair follicle with 3 combined wavelengths and large 4cm spot size and advanced ICE PLUS cooling system which cools skin through out the entire treatment. It can be used on normal as well as tanned skin. Triple wavelength laser is a combination of 755 nm Alexandrite, 810 nm Diode and 1064 nm Nd:YAG making this the most efficient.


The full body hair removal takes approximate around 2 hours. For the speedy and faster removal of the laser hair removal we have L-Scanner from SP Dynamis and 4 inches probe from Alma soprano titanium.

The package cost of the full body hair removal is much cheaper than summation of individual parts cost.

The cost of the laser hair removal varies from around 2,000-30,000 per session depending on the area involved.

There might be a slight burning sensation while doing the procedure and redness for 1-2days. Rare side effects may be skin lightening or darkening and flaring up of infections may be seen

Any individual, men or women, with normal or hormonal imbalance who has unwanted hair growth can undergo this procedure. Some blood tests and ultrasound scan are advised in patients suspected with hormonal abnormality.

NO. Usually the lasers used by us are targets hair follicle at different levels along with ice cold plus technology which is safest on the skin but there may be certain risk of slight damage which cannot be predicted.