Best Skin Specialist in Hyderabad

Skin Specialist doctors, who specialize in treating various conditions or disorders related to skin, hair and nails. The skin specialist doctors integrate medical dermatology and cosmetics to give the desired result. They are also known as cosmetologists. The best skin specialist focus mainly on the appearance of the skin – especially the facial skin care and aesthetics.

We at FMS Skin Clinics.  With state-of-art advanced technology and FDA-approved equipment facilities. We provide the best in quality and result-oriented treatment procedures.

Our team of best skin specialists and trained therapists provide medically proven skincare treatments, Advanced Cosmetic skin treatments. Taking into consideration patient concerns a customized treatment plan is suggested. Our treatments are safe and effective.

What are the Things to be Considered Before Consulting Skin Specialist

  • Before consulting skin specialist. The degree of the doctor should be checked and verified.
  • Always better to consider a Board Certified Dermatologist who should be a member of the IADVL.
  • Check for patient Reviews. Which can be checked online or from other referring doctors.
  • Check for expertise of the doctors, like check for any fellowship or workshop certificates.
  • Check for the Infrastructure and Equipment facilities at the Clinic.
  • And always Consult skin specialist who listens to your problem and makes you feel comfortable.


The skin specialist can be consulted for any condition related to skin, hair and nails. They also specialize in cosmetic dermatology.

Skin Doctors examine the case by symptoms and diagnose by conducting certain tests. Based on the observations treatment plan will be given.

Some of the best treatments include skin whitening, Laser hair Removal. Anti Aging Treatments, Acne Treatments, Under Eye Dark Circles treatments etc . And also treatments for skin disorders like Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Rosacea etc.

Yes. The Skin Treatments are effective.  When a proper skincare routine is followed strictly as prescribed by a Skin Specialist.

Yes, Skin Doctors treat Skin problems in children.

Yes. The treatment procedures are standardized, approved and safe.  We ensure the procedures undertaken strictly follow the given standard instructions.

Yes, Procedures should be followed by a strict skincare regimen.