Best Summer Skin Care Tips Advised By Top Dermatologists

Summer Skin Care Tips

It’s Summer time.  Our Skin requires special care to be healthy and  glowing. As Dermatologists we suggest Skin care routine to be changed depending on the weather conditions. As summer is here with an increase in scorching heat, humidity, sweating and pollution. All these take a toll on your skin by causing damage, dryness, increase in pigmentation, sunburn, acne etc. Heat also makes the skin become more sensitive.

Here are a few tips which we advise to change in your skin care routine.


Drinking plenty of water and having fruits which are rich in water content like watermelon, musk melons are advised, which keep the skin hydrated and plump. Minimum intake of 3-4 liters is advised.

Cleansing :

Cleansing of the face is an important rule to start a skin care regimen. It helps in removing the dirt, makeup and pollution from the skin. Use a gentle cleanser (gel based) twice a day . Gentle exfoliators like Microdermabrasion scrub can be used once a week.

Moisturize Regularly:

The heat strips off the water content in the skin, making it look dry, dehydrated and dull. Because of excessive sweating in summer there is also additional water loss from skin. The best way to restore and replenish is to apply moisturizer immediately after cleansing the face on damp skin. Preferably Lotions than thick creamy ones.

Apply Sunscreen:

Let it be any season and whether you stay indoors or outdoors, Sunscreen is a must.  Sunscreen also helps in delaying the visible signs of aging.  It is advised to apply broad spectrum sunscreen with a minimum of SPF30 every 20 mins before going out into the sun. 6FTU is advised for both face and neck which should be re-applied once every 3 hrs.

Hyaluronic acid:

This water loving ingredient when applied to the skin, retains and holds the water which helps in plumping and hydration. It makes skin look healthy and glowing.

Use Vitamin C Serum:

This sun loving anti-oxidant, when applied as a serum on naked skin, combats with the free radicals produced by the sun rays and decreases the damage caused by them. Thus it works as a brightening as well as anti-aging element.

Special Care For Eyes and Lips:

Eyes and lips require extra attention because of them being delicate in nature. Eyes should be covered with sunglasses with application of sunscreen around both the eyelids. Wearing a long brim hat will also help in protection from physical sunrays. Lips also require protection. Apply lip balm with minimum SPF15+.

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