Best Skin Care Tips For Holi by Expertise Skin Specialists at FMS Skin & Hair Clinic

Best Skin Care Tips For Holi

Top Dermatologists Advice On Skin Care for Holi

Holi is a fun-filled festival with colors and water. It celebrates the arrival of spring, and it also signifies the triumph of good over evil.

Most of us love playing with Holi colors and use pichkaris to spray colored water at each other, but all this happiness comes with the cost of ruining your skin and hair health. Well, you don’t have to keep wondering about how to protect yourself from the damage of the colors.

So here’s a sneak peep as how to protect skin and hair and celebrate Holi.

Dermatologists Advice On Skin Care for Holi

What is the primary precaution to be taken to avoid skin damage during Holi?

  1. Avoid any facial treatments like waxing, threading, scrubbing – 72hrs prior to Holi festival.
  2. Avoid any night care regime like applying retinol/salicylic/glycolic or other exfoliant-based creams 3 days before Holi.
  3. Apply body oil (coconut/almond oil/jojoba oil) at least 24hrs prior and massage into skin, which acts as a protective shield between skin and color.
  4. Apply sunscreen daily containing minimum SPF30, to be reapplied every 4hrs.
  5. Apply dark color nail polish to protect the nails from absorption of holi color.
  6. Avoid hair treatments like Cysteine and Keratin a week before Holi.
avoid skin damage during Holi

What is the best way to protect skin from harsh colors on the day of Holi?

  1. Apply a thick layer of moisturizer or massage oil at least an hour before playing with colors. Don’t forget areas like behind the ears and between the finger webs where colors gravitate the most.
  2. Follow it with the application of thick coat of waterproof sunscreen (SPF30) at least 20 minutes before playing, to protect from colors, tan and sunburn.
  3. Apply petrolatum jelly around the eyes, lips, nail beds and between fingers.
  4. During Holi, remember to wear dark colored full sleeved clothes so that there is minimal contact between colors and your skin.
  5. Do not wear contact lens while playing holi.
  6. User herbal or organic holi colors.
  7. Avoid synthetic, metal based and glass powder Holi colors
  8. Stay hydrated and eat healthy.
skin from harsh colors on the day of Holi

What is the best way to protect hair from harsh colors on the day of Holi?

  1. Apply coconut / castor oil / almond oil over the scalp and along the hair strands to prevent any damage.
  2. Use organic Holi colors

What is the skin and hair care immediately after playing holi?

  1. Do not use harsh chemicals, scrubs and loofahs to remove the color as it causes extensive dryness and rashes, instead opt for a gentle cleanser.
  2. Use a clarifying shampoo and conditioner immediately to remove the harsh colors from scalp and hair.
  3. Do not shampoo your hair repeatedly to get rid of colors as it soaks up the moisture from the scalp and make hair dry and frizzy.
  4. A deep conditioning scalp massage can leave your hair feeling strong and rejuvenated.
  5. Avoid having hot water bath.
  6. Continue using moisture and sunscreen on daily basis.

Does Holi Powder stain skin and hair?

If left unremoved, the colors stain skin and hair. After holi proper cleaning of skin and hair is required to remove the colors.

Can Skin Treatments like Hydrafacial be taken post Holi?

Yes definitely, Holi colors make the skin dry and dehydrated. Hydrafacial gives good hydration to the skin along with the removal of tan and also helps in soothing skin.

When to consult a Skin Specialist, if prone to skin allergy due to holi colors?

In any case of redness, itching, rashes or irritation lasting for more than 4 hours post washing Holi color, Consult Dermatologist immediately for medical advice.

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Author: Dr. Swathi

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